19 Jan 2018

What is an Asterisk Provider and Why Should you Use Them?

Woman fixing the cables of an asterisk

Woman fixing the cables of an asteriskWith hundreds of telecommunications providers available today, choosing just one can be a very complicated task. As someone who uses technology almost every single day, you, of course, want something that would be very beneficial to you and your business.
Communications expert SIP.US says an asterisk provider can spell the success of your enterprise. Here are some pieces of important information.

What is it?

Asterisk is a type of open source framework used to help build communications applications. It is used by most of the Fortune 1000 companies and is available in over 170 countries.
Asterisk helps its customers by showing them how the system itself works, so they can customize it how they want it.

What are its benefits?

Below are the amazing advantages that you can get when using an asterisk provider:

  • The asterisk provider is easy to use for both users and communications developer.  If you have an asterisk provider, developers will be able to create applications, as well as solutions, as long as they know how to do it using Linux, networking, programming, and telephony.
  • Asterisk is very flexible and finds use in a vast range of communications applications including IVR server, IP PBX, VoIP gateway, Call Center, Voicemail Server, and Conference Bridge. It is very easy to integrate, so you can be sure that connecting your communications products will be a walk in the park.
  • It is license-free.  You do not have to go and buy an expensive license or pay a membership fee, as the asterisk is free to use.

So, why go for asterisk, you ask? It will be a huge step-up for your business, it is cost-efficient, and as you go along, you will find that the benefits that you reap while using it are amazing.

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