07 Sep 2018

Three Ways You Can Shape Up Your Baseball Team’s Performance

Baseball player hitting a ballAs a coach, seeing your baseball team perform well can make you happy. This only proves that hard work and effort pays off. But just because your baseball team is working hard does not mean that the team will be lax. There will always be room for improvement. And if you keep this mantra in mind, you will constantly achieve excellence.

It all starts with training. Training your baseball team may be already following a set of rules and templates. But there will always be ways to improve some things. If you are looking for such ways, you are reading the right article. You can apply these pointers whether you are coaching a kid’s league or a college team.

1. Train speed

Speed is one of the things you need to keep in mind if you want your team’s performance exceeds the expected. You can start by having them run and dash around the field (with a warm-up, of course). Another area of speed that needs to be addressed is the speed of the ball. Now, it all boils down to the force of the batting. Nevertheless, you can measure speed by using a stalker baseball radar gun.

2. Train the visual performance

Visual acuity is important in batting and catching. This is why you need to teach your team proper eye coordination. The eye-hand coordination can be properly trained by learning other sports. For one, you can engage students in table tennis or badminton to teach them how their body should react through eye-hand coordination.

3. Improve the fielding drills

Drills are part of the conditioning program. So if you want your team to be properly conditioned, you need to up your drills. Stay away from the usual ones, and go for more rigorous methods. Fly ball drills and cutoffs are some of the things that your team can focus on.

These are just some of the ways you can improve your baseball team’s training. May you win this season!

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