02 Apr 2018

The Top 5 Signs You Need Help with Your Software Development

software developerDeveloping new and customized software takes a lot of time and effort, as experts at CloudXtension might tell you. Companies that have the resource can no doubt create an IT team for this purpose. But what if you don’t have the time to build your software development dream team?

For example, your company doesn’t have a full stack developer for mobile applications. You don’t have the time or even the resources to hire or train one. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma. You can team up with another company that outsources software development solutions. Ponder this possibility.

Meanwhile, here are 5 points to consider if you need outside help with your software development.

1. You don’t have the budget to develop the software on your own

Developing software on your own is an expensive process. But if you outsource it, the expenses are considerably lower. At the same time, it also frees up your team to focus on more important projects.

2. Your team doesn’t have the necessary knowledge or skills

Software development is always fast-paced. The software tools being used now may become outdated in less than a year. It’s also the same with skills. Sooner or later your IT team will need outside help with certain software development projects. When that happens, consider getting help while retraining your in-house IT staff.

3. The software project requires a special set of skills

Even if your IT team’s training is up to date, there are certain software development areas that only persons with several years of serious specialized training can tackle.

Hiring professionals specifically for these kinds of projects will save your in-house IT staff from a lot of headaches. Once the problems are solved, your team can study and learn how the outsourced developers solved them. In the future, they can carry out similar projects on their own.

4. Timing is of the essence

Any delays in the launch of your software can cost you loss of sales. To avoid this situation, you can team up with an independent software development team. They not only help you finish the project on time but also save your company from losing potential sales and profit.

5. Outsourcing allows you to scale for software development operations

It’s alright to hire and train people to handle your software development needs. You must be aware, however, that future projects may suddenly require skills that your IT team have yet to master.

To compensate, you can outsource your immediate needs to a reliable IT partner that can render the required skills. Once the solution is applied, your in-house team can take over.

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