04 May 2018

The 3 Types of Kerning

Woman designing advertisementMarketing is all about making a potential customer want your product or service more than that of a competitor. Companies use different strategies to achieve their marketing objectives, and one of them is through graphic design. Its human nature to always go for a product with the most appeal.

Red Rider Creative and other experts noted that one aspect of graphic design, which advertising agencies in Salt Lake City use, to make products stand out is kerning. The application of this technique not only makes a font more attractive, it also shows a high level of creativity. Below are the various kinds of kerning that a graphic designer may use:

1. Positive Kerning

This type of kerning involves adding a little more space between letters. This is especially helpful when used in letter combinations that are close together to the point that they look distracting. A good example would be letter combinations that bend towards each other. Designers use kerning tables to achieve this effect.

2. Negative Kerning

This is the inverse of positive kerning, and it’s used to decrease the space between different letter combinations. In some cases, the letters are made to come close to one another that they overlap. Fact: Negative kerning is more popular than positive kerning.

3. Contextual Kerning

In case, you need to adjust the space between more than two letters, then this is the kerning to choose. Most fonts do not support this, so it will require the use of specialized tools. As a graphic designer, you may use tracking to achieve the effect you’re looking for.

While kerning may not seem like a significant detail to a below-par graphic designer, an experienced and highly skilled designer knows that it’s the missing link between polished work and the rest. This technique works well with typography-focused designs. In recent times, kerning has become easy to do¬†thanks to the advancements in technology.

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