15 Nov 2018

Strategies to Maintain and Ensure Jobsite Security

Man installing CCTV

Man installing CCTVConstruction sites bring opportunities to various groups of people. Communities that experience intense building sprees can expect a large number of foot traffic and an influx of new businesses in the area. Unfortunately, the progress can also attract thieves and vandals. When work stops at night, a busy construction site can turn into a quiet spot.

Contractors need to protect valuable assets and prevent their site from becoming a target of criminal activity. Site managers can protect equipment by exploring preventive strategies and investing in surveillance systems like those offered by Camera Security Trailers. Crime is problematic because it can lead companies to waste money on replacing equipment, waste time to get the job done, and jeopardize worker safety.

Installing Lights, Cameras, and Alarms

Managers need to keep equipment in a well-lit and secure area during non-work hours. Installing lights can deter criminals in two ways. Thieves will find it easier to spot and it can signal to potential trespassers that there are still workers onsite.

Site managers should consider installing cameras and alarms in case lights are unable to deter theft. Surveillance cameras can survey a jobsite 24 hours a day to ensure that criminals are caught on camera. Some types of equipment can do quick sweeps of the site to cover large areas. Alarms can keep your site secure by shocking criminals and scaring them away before any damage is done. They can also sound a silent alarm that directly alerts the police and site manager whenever a trespass occurs.

Equipment Location

Managers can improve site security by viewing tools and equipment in the way they may be used against a company. Essentially, this involves understanding how thieves intend to use stolen equipment. Managers, for instance, can position tools meant for opening or destroying locks away from the locks themselves.

Another strategy involves necessitating that equipment, tools, and materials answer to a checkout system. Equipment can be locked during non-working hours with the use of anti-theft devices. Portable and high-value assets can be equipped with hidden GPS tracking devices in case theft continues to occur.

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are tough and durable because they are built for transporting goods overseas. Managers can direct that valuables and equipment be stored inside these shipping containers to ensure they are locked up, secure, and out of sight during non-working hours. It is unlikely that criminals will break into a shipping container because of the difficulty and because criminals may become unsure if anything inside the container is worth stealing.

One other good strategy that site managers can consider is connecting with law enforcement before actual construction begins. This allows the local police department to be kept appraised of the total value of equipment onsite and to get an idea of the crime climate in the area.

Contractors and site managers can ensure that valuable tools and equipment from a jobsite are kept secure by employing various preventive strategies. They can install lights, surveillance systems, and alarms to deter potential trespassers from entering the jobsite. Another way to prevent theft is to store equipment in a secured location.

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