09 Jun 2018

Searching for Love in the Internet Age

Hand cursors clicking a heartSearching for that special someone takes effort, luck, and intelligence—a good network also helps a lot. Most couples have met through friends or mutual acquaintances, but some others have met through online dating sites and matchmaking apps.

Though finding love through a website or a matchmaking app can be unconventional, the popularity of these methods is slowly becoming accepted as part of the norm.

Statistics show that nearly 5% of Americans who are married or in a committed relationship have met their partners online. That’s more than 15 million people.

Information Overload

The mind can’t cope with the task of choosing a potential partner in what could be a pool of thousands of people. Some matchmaking apps make your choices easier by using tailored algorithms or artificial intelligence to narrow down the field according to your inputs and previous behavior.

This isn’t a sure thing and you still need to make an effort on your part—but it does make finding a compatible partner easier and faster. You must understand that the success of your quest still depends on how you present yourself and handle the conversations.

Winning the Game

You can’t rely on a matchmaking app alone to find a partner; you still need to work on yourself. Get a hobby or do an activity that will help you feel good about yourself. It would give you more things to talk about come date night and it will give your self-esteem a boost.

Sure, putting yourself out there would have its ups and downs. You’ll get hits and misses, fun times and disappointments. That’s part of life and part of the game. Just remember that you’ll never get the jackpot—if you don’t play the game.

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