22 Dec 2017

Reduce the Risk of Business Failures by Doing SEO

Man touching SEOSmall businesses are the backbone of the US economy. According to Small Business Administration (SBA), as high as 99.7% of the over five million employer firms in the country can be classified as “small” — that is, they have fewer than 500 employees. In fact, about 88% of them have no more than 20.

In Colorado, over 96% are small businesses. They are also the most vulnerable to failure, however. About 50% of the new ones won’t be able to make it past their first year. While there are many causes of business failures, one of these could be the lack of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

How SEO Can Make or Break a Business

SEO is an online marketing process that involves optimizing the pages of a website so they appear during a related query or search. In other words, it helps people find the business.

SEO provides an excellent conversion rate at over 13%. It is also a more cost-effective online strategy since the results are more long-term and organic. The problem is roughly 17% of small businesses do not do it, primarily because they don’t understand how it works. It’s unfortunate because they don’t get to enjoy its full benefits.

Take local SEO, for example. This is an SEO strategy characterized by optimizing the pages to cater to a particular geography. Let’s pretend you’re a food subscription business in Denver. With local SEO services in Denver, your website should appear if someone searches for “dinner delivery in Denver.”

Local SEO is important because more than 70% of Internet users now search for a location before they visit the business. About 88% of consumers read online reviews before they do anything including checking out the store.

Small businesses don’t need to die within the first year. Rather, they can focus on more cost-effective marketing strategies such as SEO to make themselves more competitive, raise brand awareness, and deliver customers into their business.

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