01 Oct 2018

Make Your Home More Burglar-Proof While on a Holiday

CCTVSometimes, homeowners ignore the need to repair a broken windowpane because they know they spend most of their time at home. That gives them a false sense of security.

When they make abrupt vacation plans, the excitement clouds their mind that they forget about the security risk posed by the broken windowpane. It is until they return from the weeklong vacation that they realize their house got broken into. Here’s how to prevent this from happening to your home:

Get a modern security system

Currently, several companies install home security systems in Utah. The systems have been modernized so that homeowners can receive a live feed of their homes even while on a vacation. The security systems comprise of heat and motion detectors that are programmed to trigger an alarm upon detecting any movement around your home.

In case your home is vandalized, it’s possible to review the recorded feed to determine exactly when your house was attacked and what was taken from it.

Ensure that all access points are locked

Before heading out with your luggage, spare some time to check if all the windows and doors have been properly locked. Basement doors and ventilation should also be closed. Any other open space that burglars can use to gain access to your house must be properly sealed.

Inform a trusted neighbor

When going on a vacation, your neighbor should play an important part in your home’s security. Even with a home security system, it may take your neighbor some time to notice a stranger that keeps looking at your compound from a distance. You may also request them to pick your letters every morning. Filled mailboxes may give potential burglars a clue that the owner of the house is away.

Whereas a vacation may only last a few weeks or months, your home is your refuge. It is, therefore, important to ensure that it is safe at all times. Getting a home security system is one way of doing so.

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