07 Feb 2018

Here’s How to Prepare for Your First Baseball Coaching Session

a baseball player hitting the ballWhen you are about to meet your new sports team for the first time, you only get that session to make a great impression on everyone. If you’re an experienced coach, the chances are that you already have that aspect covered.

Still, you’ll need to get the most out of this first meeting, including gauging the potential of each of your players. Here are a few ways to prepare for that all important session.

1. Bring necessary coaching items

Chances are you’ll find the basic gear and equipment already in the place you’ll be coaching. However, if the team you’re coaching comprises youngsters from the neighborhood, it’s wise to assemble a few necessary pieces of equipment for the training session, notes Radar Sports, LLC.

Find a good stalker radar gun for sale, as well as the necessary gear for baseball you’ll need to wear during the session. You might also want to pack some first aid items, balls, bats and so on.

2. Get contacts of your players

Leading up to the session, it’s important to get a list of all players assigned to your team. Once you have their names, take the time to note their details, which includes their address, cell phone number, and email. Consider sending everyone an introductory message with details on upcoming events.

3. Call their parents for a meeting

Holding a meeting with the parents of the kids you’ll be coaching is, without a doubt, the most important part of your job. During this meeting, inform the parents what their children will need for the upcoming season.

This is also the perfect opportunity to let them know where each game will be played so they can make plans to attend. Let the parents know that it’s important for them to bring their children to practice.

You’ll definitely need to do a few other things to get ready for the first meeting with your players, but these three tips can help you get started. Ultimately, you want to make your first encounter with the team smooth, efficient and productive. Good luck!

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