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02 Apr 2018

The Top 5 Signs You Need Help with Your Software Development

Developing new and customized software takes a lot of time and effort, as experts at CloudXtension might tell you. Companies that have the resource can no doubt create an IT team for this purpose. But what if you don’t have the time to build your software development dream team? For example, your company doesn’t have a full stack […]

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Queue of applicants

02 Feb 2018

Want to Attract Job Seekers? Here are Ways to Market Your Business

As a business owner, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to find the perfect employee. You may be offering an in-demand job, but if you don’t provide enough incentives, you might be ignored in the end. After all, job seekers know that there are plenty of opportunities that await them, so why should […]

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Man holding a phone with a symbol of a cloud software

30 Jan 2018

Cloud ERP Breaks Down Communication Barriers Within a Company

Many companies are already familiar with the concept of ERP ((Enterprise Resource Planning) software. They use this tool to organise and aggregate data that is spread across each of its independent divisions. Traditional ERP solutions are typically housed within the organisation’s own server infrastructure and require regular servicing and updating to stay current. Meanwhile, Cloud […]

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Packaging Machine

07 Dec 2017

The Elements That Proper Product Packaging Should Highlight

Marketers always tell their clients that ‘it is all in the package’. As such, they have the habit of stressing out that all the most important details — no matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant they may appear to others — can either make or break a product. They have a valid point, especially today […]

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Playing Video Game

02 May 2017

The E-sports Industry and the Future of Gaming

While not an entirely new concept, e-sports tournament have become major sporting events in the past few years. The recently concluded The International Dota 2 tournament reminded the world just how popular, and competitive, e-sports can be. With over AU$25 million available in the prize pool, the tournament provided the largest prize pool of any […]

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