30 Jun 2018

Career Counselling: What are the Popular Approaches?

Career counselor talking to a manGetting a job and climbing up the ladder to the level of a business executive doesn’t mark the end of your career. This, in fact, can be the beginning of your career when handled correctly. The best way to ensure you remain valuable and continually grow in your position is through career counselling.

Various approaches are used in career counselling services designed for people at the helm of their career. These expert approaches help the counsellor match multiple aspects that can help you excel in your career. Here are the popular strategies:

Trait-And-Factor Approach

This is the oldest strategy used in career counselling. The trait-and-factor method focuses on matching your personality with your career. Your counsellor will take into account your values, professional interests, and aptitude when advising you on the ideal career development path for you. Critics of this approach, however, say it assumes you have one career goal and might narrow your vision.

Person-Environment Fit Approach

This method assumes you’ll have more satisfaction if you have a positive attachment with your job environment. Using this assumption, the counsellor will assess your personality and advice you on the best environment you should work in. With high job satisfaction, you’re assured to excel in your career and make better choices.

Learning Approach

This recognises various factors that influence your career choice and growth. The factors include environmental condition, learning experience, task approach skills and special abilities. The learning approach is used to address various job problems like burnout and stagnation and boost your career development.

From the above methods, you’ll be in a better position to recognise your strengths and weaknesses. You can hence use the advice to form the basis of your career decisions. Get a career counsellor to ensure you make the right career moves.

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