08 May 2018

Benefits of a Lockout-Tagout System

Busy workers on their stationsIf there is one thing that you can rely on machines to do inevitably, it is to break down somewhere down the line. Naturally, this will necessitate a round of repairs. One of the greatest risks at this point is an injury.

That is why most machines have lockout-tagout (LOTO) systems in place. This ensures power sources attached to machinery are removed and isolated to avoid serious injuries. Here is a look at the importance of such an implementation.

1. The consequences could be dire

A lot of people today go for what is most economical — often at the risk of the safety of their employees. Should you go that route, you might save money in the short term, but you risk placing yourself in a position to be forced into litigation when someone is injured as a result.

More than just the legal ramifications, however, are the moral consequences of such negligence and the long-term effect on your reputation.

2. The benefits are many

Having a LOTO system in place ensures that injuries are minimised — if not outright eliminated — should machines accidentally be started or in cases of unanticipated releases of hazardous energy.

This ultimately saves lives, which, in turn, could maximise overall productivity of a worksite in which these measures and systems are implemented. After all, when you look after your people, they look after you and your bottom line.

3. It is not too costly

If the main concern for you and your company is costs, these types of safety protocols are not ultimately too expensive to implement. In fact, some pieces of equipment already incorporate these measures by default.

The first key to this is to hire a company to carefully evaluate your premises and equipment for compliance. Such a company would then provide recommendations and even solutions to ensure that your workplace is safe.

When you invest in safety, you ultimately invest in the future of your company. By hiring a competent company to ensure compliance, you can guarantee a bright future for your venture through the safety of your people.

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