08 May 2018

Benefits of a Lockout-Tagout System

If there is one thing that you can rely on machines to do inevitably, it is to break down somewhere down the line. Naturally, this will necessitate a round of repairs. One of the greatest risks at this point is an injury. That is why most machines have lockout-tagout (LOTO) systems in place. This ensures […]

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02 Jan 2018

Managing Your Agency with Software Tools

Insurance agencies need to satisfy client demands, broker deals, solicit commissions, and attract the best talents, so it can be a struggle to manage one. But insurance management software companies like offers marketing management software for agencies to help broker compensation, solicit businesses and companies, and even manage your team all over the world. […]

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21 Dec 2017

4 Effective Ways to Connect Better with Your Patients

The advancement in medicine over the past few decades has been staggering. Yet, when it comes to providing health care, it is still an essentially human process. At its core, effective delivery of healthcare relies on the connection between the caregiver and the patient. Here are simple tips to strengthen your connection with your patients. […]

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buffer tank

18 Dec 2017

Buffer Tanks and Functional Efficiency of Pressure Vessels

Does your heat pump stop at different times when running, then restarts by itself? Chances are it is working hard to meet the heat load and thus the behaviour. The intermittent starting and stopping can be very inconvenient when operating pressure vessels. However, a buffer tank can help reduce the number of times your heat […]

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Woman handing out money for purchasing

13 Dec 2017

Key Tips for Streamlining your Business’ Purchasing Process

To streamline your company’s purchasing process, you have to create particular steps to reduce the time between order requests and receipts. Depending on your existing purchasing process, you could streamline it by following the guidelines below. Figure Out Weaknesses Are you overspending? Does the work of your employees suffer because they need to wait for […]

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Mobile Internet

29 Nov 2017

5G and the Next Generation of Mobile Internet

From smart phones and augmented reality programs, to the concept of the “Internet of things”, the rise and development of digital technology has seen an exponential growth in the past decade or so. With computers doubling their capabilities every year, the possibilities for technological advancement, especially for the digital world, remain boundless. However, with great […]

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10 Oct 2017

The Giant Robot Battle of the Century: Japan vs. USA

It sounds like something straight out of anime: two countries battle it out with giant robots. But not just any giant robots, these ones came with actual human pilots. A very cool concept that started in 2015, U.S.A.’s MegaBots challenged Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a match unlike any other: since both countries had them […]

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25 Aug 2017

Bitcoin and the Rise of Cryptocurrency

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have all steadily risen in value. This wouldn’t be too strange, until you consider that none of the cryptocurrencies rely on physical resources in the same way that other currencies do. In fact, cryptocurrencies only operate in the digital realm: bitcoins are “mined” via […]

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