09 Jun 2018

Searching for Love in the Internet Age

Searching for that special someone takes effort, luck, and intelligence—a good network also helps a lot. Most couples have met through friends or mutual acquaintances, but some others have met through online dating sites and matchmaking apps. Though finding love through a website or a matchmaking app can be unconventional, the popularity of these methods is slowly […]

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04 May 2018

The 3 Types of Kerning

Marketing is all about making a potential customer want your product or service more than that of a competitor. Companies use different strategies to achieve their marketing objectives, and one of them is through graphic design. Its human nature to always go for a product with the most appeal. Red Rider Creative and other experts […]

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02 Apr 2018

The Top 5 Signs You Need Help with Your Software Development

Developing new and customized software takes a lot of time and effort, as experts at CloudXtension might tell you. Companies that have the resource can no doubt create an IT team for this purpose. But what if you don’t have the time to build your software development dream team? For example, your company doesn’t have a full stack […]

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Internet and business concept

22 Mar 2018

Online Visibility: Pointers for Your Business

Doing business nowadays requires you to make your brand more visible online. While many still resist the change, it is important to remember that becoming visible gives you more chances of earning a much larger sum of profit. But it is also important to understand that going online follows a strategy, and that should be […]

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15 Feb 2018

The Role of Big Data in Today’s Film Industry

The film industry is the behemoth of the entertainment world, generating a global box office revenue of 38 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. Thanks to movie data analytics, the market is projected to grow and earn the industry $50 billion more when 2020 arrives. This concept, which is popularly known as the big data, refines […]

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Queue of applicants

02 Feb 2018

Want to Attract Job Seekers? Here are Ways to Market Your Business

As a business owner, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to find the perfect employee. You may be offering an in-demand job, but if you don’t provide enough incentives, you might be ignored in the end. After all, job seekers know that there are plenty of opportunities that await them, so why should […]

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Satellite in the space

01 Feb 2018

Will an Orbit Recycling System Prevent Risks from Space Junk?

Space junk poses a threat to the launch of new satellites and the existing fleet in space, including the costs of damages from hundreds of thousands of debris. An on-orbit recycling system, however, could be a viable solution this problem. The system would eliminate space debris by vaporizing them, recycling and recovering materials from current […]

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Man holding a phone with a symbol of a cloud software

30 Jan 2018

Cloud ERP Breaks Down Communication Barriers Within a Company

Many companies are already familiar with the concept of ERP ((Enterprise Resource Planning) software. They use this tool to organise and aggregate data that is spread across each of its independent divisions. Traditional ERP solutions are typically housed within the organisation’s own server infrastructure and require regular servicing and updating to stay current. Meanwhile, Cloud […]

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An IT professional working

25 Jan 2018

All the Reasons You Should Work with an IT Staffing Firm

As technology continues to evolve every day, so does the information technology (IT) sector. And with this specific industry in the United States boasting of having the most advanced and innovative platforms, it goes without saying that the demand for IT professionals will persist and even increase in the years to come. Like with any other business, […]

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Woman fixing the cables of an asterisk

19 Jan 2018

What is an Asterisk Provider and Why Should you Use Them?

With hundreds of telecommunications providers available today, choosing just one can be a very complicated task. As someone who uses technology almost every single day, you, of course, want something that would be very beneficial to you and your business. Communications expert SIP.US says an asterisk provider can spell the success of your enterprise. Here […]

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