Network security concept

14 Nov 2018

Cloud Security: A Growing Concern Among Businesses

Data security is always a concern for any enterprise. As the year ends, however, companies are expressing an unprecedented level of concern about their security solutions. In fact, cloud security is one of businesses’ top budget priorities for 2019. Why is this so? The Ever-growing Market of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is transforming the IT […]

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Mini-handcuffs on a laptop

26 Oct 2018

Cyber-Attacks in Australia: The Large Gains and the Major Challenges

The Facebook data breach that affected more than 50 million accounts worldwide is a jolt to reality. Cyber-attacks do happen, and they can affect some of the biggest companies in the world. Their coverage can also be far-reaching. That includes Australia. Matrium Technologies shares some facts regarding this issue. The State of Cybersecurity in Australia […]

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three people in front of a desktop developing a software

22 Oct 2018

A Look into Project Management Software and its Use

Over the past years, the use of software in project management has gained popularity. That may be attributed to the efficiency and accuracy with which it performs computations. It has also led to the digitization of project management in relation to data storage and modification. Planning, scheduling, and control functions Experts at LoadSpring share that […]

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voIP phone in use

05 Oct 2018

3 Advantages of VoIP Phones Over Conventional Phones

Technology has allowed many wonders such as connecting all computers together inside a building. However, no matter how advanced technology gets, a business should still have a reliable phone system in order to connect your employees to communicate with each other effectively easily. While traditional phones are useful, they can also be inefficient and expensive. […]

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01 Oct 2018

Make Your Home More Burglar-Proof While on a Holiday

Sometimes, homeowners ignore the need to repair a broken windowpane because they know they spend most of their time at home. That gives them a false sense of security. When they make abrupt vacation plans, the excitement clouds their mind that they forget about the security risk posed by the broken windowpane. It is until […]

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26 Sep 2018

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App: Questions to Consider

Mobile is fast becoming the future of the web, writes Vik Patel on Forbes Magazine. In a study by digital media agency We are Social, 88 per cent of Australia’s population are active internet users. From this number, 96 per cent utilise their mobile phones to access websites, social media and apps. Your business needs […]

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photo of packaging of different kinds of liquid

14 Sep 2018

3 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Liquid Packaging Machine

Whether we’re talking about sauces, gel or thick cream, a liquid packaging machine is an efficient way to package these products. If you’re looking to automate your operation, there are three things you need to know to provide the best packaging solution for your products. 1. Consider the viscosity of your product. When it comes […]

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07 Sep 2018

Three Ways You Can Shape Up Your Baseball Team’s Performance

As a coach, seeing your baseball team perform well can make you happy. This only proves that hard work and effort pays off. But just because your baseball team is working hard does not mean that the team will be lax. There will always be room for improvement. And if you keep this mantra in […]

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Man holding phone in the store

13 Aug 2018

Harness the Benefits of NFC Tags

By harnessing some of the benefits that come with evolving technology, you can improve your life drastically. Near-field communication technology gives you a chance to customise many aspects of your life. If emerging technology fascinates you, NFC tags made by NFC Direct will impress you. The tags are often available as small stickers that house […]

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Woman with headset using IP phone

05 Jul 2018

3 VoIP Solution Categories for Your Business

Phone access is a significant part of business success in today’s world. Old proprietary phone systems are costly and quite hard to configure when it comes to modern business needs. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides phone access using a broadband Internet connection. VoIP solutions are easier to maintain, install, and configure compared to old […]

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