21 Dec 2017

4 Effective Ways to Connect Better with Your Patients

a doctor utilizing telemedicineThe advancement in medicine over the past few decades has been staggering. Yet, when it comes to providing health care, it is still an essentially human process.

At its core, effective delivery of healthcare relies on the connection between the caregiver and the patient. Here are simple tips to strengthen your connection with your patients.

Embrace IT.

There is no doubt that information technology has done wonders to advance medicine — and that’s just the beginning.

Today, IT is helping foster relationships in health care. Take telemed software, for instance. Thanks to this development, physicians can now easily and securely connect with their patients for appointments through video calls and such.

Create time.

High demand for healthcare services means that you are frequently required to reach a diagnosis as quickly as possible and offer a treatment plan before attending to the next patient. You may feel like you don’t have time to create a connection with the patient.

Ironically, when you give empathy and allow your patients to express themselves, they do it quicker, and you save more time. They feel more valued too.

Develop necessary skills.

If you are to connect better with your patients, you should understand that empathy, just like medicine, is a learned skill. This is great news because it means that you can learn to create a connection with your clients even if you don’t currently know how to. All it takes is a brief training on emotional skills.

Listen intently.

Devoting your whole attention to your patient as they’re speaking is the ultimate show of respect to them. Even if you don’t speak, your silent presence is often more than enough response to your patient’s painful situation. Maintain eye contact and desist from looking at your watch as they are talking to you.

Creating a deep connection with your patients can go a long way in lessening their anxiety and improving their clinical results. For any physician in the world, this is the best reward.

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