05 Jul 2018

3 VoIP Solution Categories for Your Business

Woman with headset using IP phone

Woman with headset using IP phonePhone access is a significant part of business success in today’s world. Old proprietary phone systems are costly and quite hard to configure when it comes to modern business needs. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides phone access using a broadband Internet connection.

VoIP solutions are easier to maintain, install, and configure compared to old phone systems and support a range of technologies that are useful for your business. You can get advice from a company offering IT consulting services on the best for your company, but, in the meantime, here are the types of VoIP software the expert might recommend.

1. Integrated Access

Compared to other VoIP services, integrated access is the closest semblance to conventional phone lines. It allows your business to keep its old equipment and number and still get advanced telecommunication features. This is because integrated access software is incorporated into legacy phone systems.

2. SIP Trunks

Session Initial Protocol or SIP software transmits video and voice information across your data network. SIP software is installed and managed on site, and your phone systems are connected using SIP trunking. Though more costly compared to integrated access, this is the best solution for organizations looking for the entire VoIP experience.

3. IP PBX Solutions

There are two types of IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) VoIP solutions, including hosted and managed. With hosted IP PBX, your business is connected to a cloud-based hosted network using its IP network. The software, upgrades, hardware, and maintenance are the responsibility of your VoIP solutions provider. Managed IP PBX, on the other hand, involves having your VoIP provider configure, update and upgrade your software. The equipment will be housed in your business premises, however.

Understanding the above VoIP technologies puts you in a better position to make the right choice. Regardless of your choice, businesses will struggle to turn a profit today without VoIP. Get one for your business or upgrade your existing one.

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