09 Jul 2018

3 Benefits of a Multi-Element GPS Simulator

gps technologyFor many people today, the thought of living without a GPS device can be very overwhelming. That’s why many more manufacturers today are joining this increasingly lucrative trend. If you’re looking to join in on this rising trend, you need to invest in a multi-element GPS simulator to ensure that your potential unit will function properly. Here are three of the biggest benefits of investing in such a simulator to ensure the success of your product.

1. Convenience & Affordability

Generally, a dedicated GPS unit requires you to step outside to receive signals that jumpstart functionality. With a simulator, you can replay RF signals directly into your GPS device for testing. What this translates too is an ease with which you can conduct experiments and testing—you can even do it within the confines of your office room. Altogether, this means that you save money on testing as you don’t need to go outdoors.

2. Consistency

Part of what you need to test for with a GPS unit is how well it handles under many conditions. Normally, this will be difficult as you can’t control the weather, after all. With a multi-element GPS simulator, you can set and reset the same conditions over and over again to ensure that your software stands up to the test of time and other conditions. This is vital to ensure that your GPS unit is truly effective and bankable.

3. Time

Speaking of the test of time, one of the biggest benefits of having a simulator handy is that you can affect and compress time to test the span of many years in so many moments. This allows your development team to conclude testing much more quickly and accurately which will ultimately allow you to push your products out to the open market at a quicker pace—essential to make sure that your product is sellable.

For these three reasons, it’s a smart move to invest in a simulator to ensure that your GPS product is the best it can get.

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